Recently, dash Carrier Services introduced dashESP, a managed service based on its emergency-call routing platform. The service is designed to assist agencies in their transition from legacy to next-generation 911.

The dashESP managed service accepts emergency calls from carriers and delivers them to PSAPs, which can use existing equipment without modification or upgrade to NG911-compliant systems.

The service features:

  • Comprehensive managed service including all hardware, software, implementation and management services.

  • Complete routing solution from the point of delivery by an originating network provider to delivery at the PSAP.

  • Full compliance with NENA NG911 standards 08-002 and 08-003.

  • Support for current carrier interfaces including CAMA & SS7.
  • Support for current PSAP interfaces including CAMA.
  • 24x7 system management and full project management for deployment.
  • Single Interface for full OSS management and provisioning.