GreatCall has been working with both APCO and NENA the past several months to draft instructional information on their 5Star Urgent Response service. PSAPs should soon receive training DVDs from GreatCall that will explain this service and and how to effectively handle an emergency call that originates from a 5Star Urgent Response™ device.

5Star Urgent Response provides a subscriber with easy-to-use, GPS enhanced personal security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The service is available on GreatCall’s 5Star Responder, Jitterbug cell phone, and as an application on iPhone and Android based smartphones. The DVD, Call-Taker Training for Public Safety Answering Point Personnel, contains a 15-minute video that provides an introduction to the 5Star service and best-practice strategies for managing interaction between a 5Star Response Agent and a PSAP call-taker.

GreatCall has also established a website with a link for public- safety personnel to use to obtain further information about their call centers and services.