Solacom Technologies has deployed its Guardian system to provide hosted services to four public-safety answering points (PSAPs) in the Florida counties of Gulf, Franklin and Calhoun.

The fault-tolerant system — installed at a central office in Gulf County — is configured for autonomous operation of the four PSAP tenants. Although the PSAPs share the common back room equipment at the central office, each site is unique and able to determine how calls to their agency are routed and handled under normal circumstances and backup scenarios. Management reports, also unique to each PSAP, are hosted at the central office and can be securely accessed by the agencies at any time.

The Solacom controller presently supports 14 Guardian Intelligent Workstations that provide state of the art IP desktops for public safety operators at the PSAPs. Three of the workstations are Guardian Mobile Positions, hardened laptops that are fully IP and allow public safety professionals to work from any location that has a high-speed Internet connection. Designed for disaster recovery and overflow at times of peak call volume, the mobile positions let emergency call takers operate as though they were at their regular PSAP workstation, with all the same features and capabilities.

Advanced, selective call routing over the new regional network is performed by a Solacom ESRP (Emergency Services Routing Proxy) that converts legacy circuit switched lines and devices to digital interfaces that use Session Initiation Protocol for routing over an emergency services IP network (ESInet). The new network, including the Guardian workstations, is designed to migrate to a fully i3 compliant system as the NENA next generation 9-1-1 standards are implemented by the public safety industry.