Leading 911-solutions provider Intrado this week announced the purchase of the telecommunications business of PivotPoint Solutions, a private Texas-based software firm that provides commercial wireless carriers with tools to assess compliance with FCC location-accuracy requirements associated with emergency calls.

“We really believe that there’s a ton of industry-related issues surrounding accuracy right now, and we wanted to get in the game with PivotPoint,” said Dami Hummel, vice president and general manager of Intrado’s mobility division. “They offer network-optimization tools and analysis for the customers, and they also offer a very rich suite of accuracy reporting and metrics to the carriers that allow the carriers to make intelligent decisions about their networks.

“We really believe that, in combination with our E-911 core services that we have, it would be a wonderful complement.”

Hummel said PivotPoint and Intrado share some of the same customers. Intrado officials believe PivotPoint has a “very superior product,” but there are plans to develop enhancements for next-generation networks, Hummel said.

“PivotPoint today offers services for 2G and 3G accuracy, and we — in combination with the stakeholders that will come with that acquisition — will build a strategy to offer 4G accuracy testing and service for our carriers,” she said.

Hummel said the deal has been closed, but terms will not be disclosed.