Motorola Solutions and Intrado this week announced an expanded alliance that allows Motorola Solutions to resell Intrado products globally as the companies cooperate in the development of integrated next-generation-911 solutions.

“We have been working with Intrado for the past couple of year on the coming of next-gen 911 and what that really means,” said Dan Sawicki, director of product strategy for Motorola Solutions’ applications product and solutions organization. “We put together this alliance to address many of the customers who are asking for end-to-end solutions as it relates to next-gen 911.”

A key issue associated with next-generation 911 is the handling of multimedia — text, images and video — from emergency callers in a manner that does not overwhelm call-takers in public-safety answering points (PSAPs). Developing integrated solutions is goal for the new alliance, according to Kerri Fielder, vice president and general manager for Intrado’s call-handling division.

“We’re very excited about it,” Fielder said. “There are ways to improve the experience for the call taker and also the experience for the public.”

While there is no timetable for developing next-generation 911 solutions, the reseller portion of the alliance — allowing Motorola to resell Intrado products, such as VIPER and Power 911 — is effectively immediately, Fielder said.

“This opens up huge opportunities for us, both in the direct and the dealer-network environment within Motorola,” she said. “That’s exciting to us, because it expands our breadth. In addition to that, it also gives us a bigger opportunity internationally.”

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