Emergency-communications vendor PlantCML today announced that it has changed its name Cassidian Communications, which will align the North American arm with the company’s branding throughout the rest of the world.

“We’re very excited,” said Tami Timperio, Cassidian Comunications’ vice president of marketing. “This move is simply a name change. It’s the same facilities, same people and same dedication to the critical-response community that we’ve had.”

Timperio said changing the name will allow the North American unit to align itself with Cassidian, which is the name used since fall for the former international EADS Defense and Security division. Cassidian is derived from the Latin term cassida (helmet) and meridian (imaginary line running north and south) and symbolizes worldwide protection and security, according to the company.

While the former PlantCML has changed its name to Cassidian, the company will remain a subsidiary of EADS North America, according to Stephanie Diehl, communications manager for EADS North America. EADS North America acquired PlantCML during the spring of 2008. North American PlantCML offices in Temecula, Calif.; Frisco, Texas; Franklin, Tenn.; and Gatineau, Quebec, will remain in place under the Cassidian name.

“Our customers expect our solutions and services to make everyday operations easier and more efficient,” Cassidian CEO Dave Rutan said in a prepared statement. “Now, these same solutions must easily scale to support larger incidents, geographic areas and security initiatives throughout the world, ultimately saving more lives. Becoming a fundamental part of the Cassidian master brand will allow us to leverage established market leadership and the global assets of EADS, and better deliver on these expectations.”