FirstNet General Manager Bill D’Agostino today issued a statement clarifying the FirstNet position on the role that spectrum arbitrage will play in the business model surrounding the deployment and operation of the much-anticipated nationwide broadband network for first responders.

“There is no doubt the excess capacity and arbitrage of the spectrum will be part of our strategy,” D’Agostino said. “But it's not our only answer. We need to create a balanced plan that allows us to take into consideration all of FirstNet's assets and options.”

D’Agostino issued the statement after discussing spectrum arbitrage during a session entitled “The Future of Public-Safety Broadband” that was part of last week’s IWCE virtual trade show.

A column about business-model aspects of the session is available here. To listen to an archived version of the session, register for the virtual trade show here and enter the “Auditorium,” where links to all five webinars conducted during the trade show are available.