FirstNet hopes to clarify its rules and legal interpretations of the legislation in a public-comment proceeding, according to Kennedy.

“This is particularly true in areas that may be unclear under the legislation and/or where it would be helpful to give notice to public and private parties that will participate in the FirstNet program roadmap,” according to Kennedy’s prepared remarks. “Some topics we anticipate putting out for public comment include eligible users and state opt-in/opt-out.”

In addition to reiterating plans regarding outreach to states, territories and public-safety stakeholders, Kennedy expressed the need for FirstNet to work with the 911 community, especially in light of the evolution of next-generation 911 (NG-911).

“With NG-911being deployed in parallel – we need the 9-1-1 community at the table, too,” Kennedy said in his prepared remarks. “Building the first broadband network for first responders is going to be a collaborative process, and public-safety answering points—911 centers—are going to be a very important part of the process.

“And that process is already well underway. It’s very important that you establish a strong working relationship with your state’s  911 coordinator to get involved in the planning process being led by the [state point of contact] or the single point of contact designated by the chief executive of your state, territory or district.”