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UK’s public-safety LTE system likely facing delays to permit December 2019 transition to mission-critical voice, report says

Trump’s executive order on regulations doesn’t affect independent agencies

Computer outage grounds Delta flights in the U.S.

United Airlines resumes flights after temporary ground order related to IT issues

‘I’m not going to do it.’ Police aren’t eager to help Trump enforce immigration laws

FCC incentive-auction bids total more than $18.71 billion after 19 rounds

FCC outlines post-incentive auction transition

Illinois faces $700 million in interest payments on $15 billion of unpaid bills, adding to budget stalemate

Gasparino: A CNN spinoff could be a caveat in AT&T-Time Warner deal

Samsung’s Note 7 apology was full, humble and nerdy

Why Trump’s executive order on sanctuary cities is unconstitutional

California could cut off feds in response to Trump threats

California considers becoming a sanctuary state

Sen. Klobuchar calls for scrutiny of reported Verizon-Charter merger

In a Verizon-Charter deal, analysts see a massive pile of debt

Does Verizon want to buy Charter or block AT&T-Time Warner?

Public Safety Advocate: FirstNet, LTE and the future

Trump’s visa plan leaks: American techies first

‘I cannot focus on code’: Tech employees reeling after immigration order

Why people are deleting Uber from their phones after Trump’s executive order


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Presidential memorandum regarding the organization of the National Security Council and the Homeland Security Council

Presidential executive order on reducing regulation and controlling regulatory costs

FCC Chairman Pai forms Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee

FirstNet blog: Testing coverage reliability

Virginia county chooses Federal Engineering as radio consultant