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LTE MCPTT direct-mode conundrum: Does the UK have the answer?

FBI didn’t need warrant for stingray in attempted murder case, DOJ says

New Illinois law raises 911 fees, lets AT&T end traditional landline service with FCC approval

U.S. officials say Russian government hackers have penetrated energy and nuclear company business networks

University of Washington researchers unveil battery-free cellphone that runs on radio and light energy

Alarm at switch to untested UK emergency services network

Millions of Verizon customer records exposed in security lapse

Defibrillator-carrying drones could save lives, research suggests

Networked Infrastructureless Cooperation for Emergency Response (NICER): Communications in times of crisis

999 in UK: World’s oldest emergency service turns 80 years old

This notorious data-stealing malware has suddenly burst back to life

All new Volvo cars to be electric or hybrid in 2019

This bolt-on retrofit kit turns certain cars into self-driving vehicles

Lawmakers aim to restrict use of lowest-price contracts

NYPD officer ‘assassinated’ while sitting in a police vehicle, officials say

Facebook drone quietly completes test flight in Arizona

Verizon rumored to by eyeing purchase of Disney

Goodbye Windows phone: What comes next for Microsoft in mobile?

Verizon launches industry’s first LTE Category M1 (CAT M1) network for IoT

Public Safety Advocate: Location services, when?

Why do we need FirstNet, if we have NG911?

Who will win the IoT platform wars?


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News announcements from our industry

FCC sets July 17 deadline for comments in FirstNet opt-out proceeding

Applications for Stage 2a of 911 Location Technologies Test Bed due on July 21

FCC revises and clarifies certain wireless-microphone rules

FCC unlocks new airwaves for vehicular radar use

Philadelphia selects Mission Critical Partners to provide 911 management and consulting services

Avanti leads consortium to integrate satellite communications into 5G networks