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Vegas shooting report: Radios, responders were overwhelmed

Microwave weapons are prime suspects in ills of U.S. Embassy workers

Five Eyes nations ask tech companies to build backdoors into encrypted devices

Verizon throttling could trigger FTC investigation of deceptive practices

False alarm: Verizon’s fire department customer-service fail has nothing to do with net neutrality

FCC gets conflicting advice on first-responder data boosts

MTA will miss year-end deadline for Positive Train Control

Shotspotter expands Verizon relationship with reseller agreement

California lawmakers pass the toughest net-neutrality law in the nation

California net-neutrality bill easily passes Assembly

Catlifornia state Assembly passes nation’s toughest net-neutrality law

Drones cutting property-inspection and maintenance costs for building owners

National League of Cities releases small-cell guide for local governments

The Status of Smart (Infographic)

Internet giants urge court to overturn net-neutrality repeal

‘They’re liquidating us’: AT&T continues layoffs and outsourcing, despite profits

T-Mobile shows how U.S. enterprises should respond to data breaches

Coweta County, Ga., largely restores servers after ransomware attack

Hacker discloses unpatched zero-day vulnerability (with proof of concept)

Bitcoin Gold delisted from major cryptocurrency exchange after refusing to pay hack damages

Ohio’s Stu Davis departs after nearly 8 years as CIO

Public Safety Advocate: Passing the baton

Richard Mirgon op-ed: Verizon problems and why FirstNet is different


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Sens. Markey, Eshoo query FCC about Verizon throttling of Santa Clara County firefighters during wildfires

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai: What I hope to learn from the tech giants

The FirstNet Association honors Sen. John McCain

FirstNet debuts in Orem, Utah, bolsters emergency communications at Summerfest

AT&T, Softbox and Merck test connected payloads and drone flights to deliver medical supplies in Puerto Rico

Project 25 Technology Interest Group elects new board of directors and officers