Motorola officials have announced that the company will provide the Southwest Alabama Integrated Criminal Justice System with 10 LiveScan Station 3000s. The LSS 3000 is part of Motorola’s portfolio of integrated communications and information solutions to address public safety and security requirements.

SAICS received roughly $10 million in federal funds as part of Integrated Justice projects in eight counties in southwest Alabama.

The contract represents the first Motorola LiveScan implementation in Alabama as well as the first major award from SAICS to a technology vendor as part of the Integrated Justice project. The integrated LiveScan network will enable officials throughout southwest Alabama to identify individuals via a rapid fingerprint search against the established Alabama State Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) database.

The new system will further support the planned seamless exchange of fingerprint data between southwest Alabama counties, the state and the FBI. Project implementation is set for early this year.