LightSquared has delivered notice to Inmarsat that triggered phase one of a cooperation agreement between the two companies. Under the agreement originally signed in December 2007, Inmarsat and SkyTerra (now LightSquared), designed a phased plan aimed at addressing growing wireless broadband demand. The agreement increases the amount of contiguous spectrum available to both parties and provides LightSquared enhanced operational flexibility for deployment of its 4G-LTE integrated terrestrial and satellite network.

Inmarsat will immediately begin a process of transition to a modified spectrum plan to increase spectrum contiguity. This process is expected to take 18 months and will require Inmarsat to incur the cost of certain network modifications. During implementation of Phase 1, LightSquared will make a series of payments to Inmarsat totalling $337.5 million.

Additionally, LightSquared has an option to implement Phase 2, which will add further capacity to its network. Phase 2 may be exercised at any time through Jan. 1, 2013, and provides that Inmarsat would make additional spectrum available at an annual cost of $115 million (USD) per year. The Phase 2 process is expected to take 30 months following the exercise by LightSquared of the Phase 2 option.