San Jose, Calif.-based Atmel Corp. announced the introduction of the CryptoRF, a 13.56 MHz RFID solution that features a 64-bit cryptographic engine and a mutual authentication that make it more difficult for counterfeiters to ply their craft. In fact, the company said labels and tags based on the CryptoRF solution are "virtually impossible to copy." The solution is targeted to sectors that are prone to counterfeiting, such as high-value consumer goods and software, and to sectors that require a high level of product tracking, such as pharmaceuticals.

Atmel also announced an initiative with Westminster, Colo.-based SkyeTek to develop an RFID security demonstration kit based on the CryptoRF family of products and SkyeTek’s SkyeModule M2 RFID reader.

Finally, Atmel announced the ATA8x0x family of UHF ASK/FSK receivers and transmitters. Applications include remote controls for consumer and industrial systems, access control, alarm and telemetry systems, energy metering, and active RFID tagging systems, the company said.