Stu Overby, the former Senior Director, Spectrum Strategy at Motorola, has joined the Public Safety Coordination Associates (PSCA) board of Directors.  With over 39 years of experience in spectrum management and communications, Overby spent 27 years at Motorola and prior to Motorola, served 12 years at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). His FCC career spanned broadcast licensing, field enforcement and mobile spectrum allocation.

Overby has been an active leader in helping to shape spectrum policies in the United States and Internationally.  Overby also serves as vice-chair of the Spectrum Management Committee for the National Public Safety Telecommunications Council (NPSTC).  In May 2013, NPSTC presented Stu with the Heinrich Hertz Award for “exceptional devotion to the activities of NPSTC and unwavering support of the public safety community”.  Overby holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) from the University of Virginia.

Wendy Jeffres has joined the PSCA staff as the Assistant National Frequency Coordinator.  She has extensive background in coordination of public safety channels and FCC regulatory issues, having worked in a senior position with APCO’s frequency coordination department for over 14 years.  Jeffres has been instrumental in developing frequency coordination procedures for all public safety bands, including Sprint vacated spectrum and trunking standards below 470 MHz.  She has assisted thousands of public safety agencies across the country in obtaining new radio channels or modifying existing licenses to accommodate their new communications needs.  Prior to her career in frequency coordination, she was a private investigator.

Paul M. Leary, Chairman of PSCA, said, “We are extremely pleased and fortunate to have two such experienced and talented people join our organization.  PSCA’s goal is to provide the fastest, most efficient, and most economical frequency coordination services to all public safety licensees.  Stu and Wendy will certainly help us meet that goal.”

PSCA is a non-profit entity jointly managed by the Forestry Conservation Communications Association (FCCA) and the International Municipal Signal Association (IMSA).  FCCA and IMSA, in cooperation with the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC), are FCC-certified frequency coordinators for the public safety radio services.  FCCA and IMSA work cooperatively to provide services to the entire public safety community through PSCA.