Users needing a fully rugged notebook that can operate in extremely harsh environments have another option with GammaTech’s DURABOOK R8300, which is certified to stringent MIL‐STD‐810G and IP65 specifications.

GammaTech has been making similar fully rugged notebook for years under a partner's brand, but the partner elected to discontinue the product, according to Paul Kim, GammaTech’s vice president of marketing.

“We basically decided to bring the same shell and are marketing it as the GammaTech DURABOOK R8300,” Kim said during an interview with IWCE’s Urgent Communications. “We're always going for the ideal cost-effective solution for military, public safety, utilities and an ultra-rugged environment, and this really does it.

“We've been marketing a lot of semi-rugged products, but this is really outdoor hardware that people could utilize in that environment. This is one of the hot products that has an existing base and we can custom configure it to order to include a different hard drive or different OS [operating system].”

This focus on the notebook’s durability was echoed by GammaTech president Jen Chen.

“It is easy to produce a computer that works well in a climate‐controlled environment, where Mother Nature is held at bay,” Chen said in a prepared statement. “It is something entirely different, however, to engineer a computer to withstand long exposure to wind, dust, rain, and extreme temperatures as well as surviving bumpy rides, drops, and working in sweltering heat or frigid temperatures. Designed specifically for outdoor usage, our new R8300 notebook offers unsurpassed performance, even in the most hostile environments.”