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Level 3 acknowledges network outage that frustrates voice customers across the U.S.

Level 3 goes to Level 0 for American VoIP peeps

UPS and CyPhy Works complete successful test of medical-supply delivery via UAS

Record-breaking DDoS attack reportedly delivered by more than 145,000 hacked cameras

The Internet of Things sucks so bad that even ‘amateurish’ malware hacks effectively

Nokia targets industrial IoT with private LTE offering

Rep. Will Hurd: ‘Encryption is good for our national security’

Study: Police using body cameras see a 93% drop in complaints

Google closes on WebPass deal, maintains hybrid deployment plans

Airline Wi-Fi performance set to jump to 100 Mbps connectivity, Gogo announces

Yahoo “scanned customer e-mails’ under top-secret order

Why the next 20 years will see a lot less technological disruption than the past 20

Vinton Cerf op-ed: We’re going backward!


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News announcements from our industry

FCC strengthens Wireless Emergency Alerts as a public-safety tool

FCC to hold direct video-calling showcase on Nov. 4

New digital radio system cleared for takeoff at London Gatwick Airport