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LMCC seeks modification of T-Band freeze

CTIA, CCA submit compromise proposal on the CBRS band

Facial-recognition tech being used by UK police is making a ton of mistakes

Police tested facial recognition at major sporting event. The results were disastrous.

How did Cambridge Analytica turn clicks into votes? Whistleblower Christopher Wylie explains the science

Here’s FCC Commissioner Rosenworcel’s ‘supernerdy’ blockchain idea

Huawei, ZTE banned in House draft of Pentagon policy bill

China’s ZTE: Let us buy American technology again

When the FBI calls to say that your state has been hacked by Iran

Nokia and TeamTalk partner on connected emergency-services vehicles

White House to send Hill $15 billion in proposed rescissions, but omnibus spending measures untouched

GLitch: New ‘Rowhammer’ attack can remotely hijack Android phones

Mysterious cyber worm targets medical systems, is found on X-ray machines and MRI scanners

NSA triples collection of data from U.S. phone companies

AT&T explains why it blocked Cloudflare DNS: It was just an accident

Sen. McCaskill seeks explanations about why almost 50,000 dead people are enrolled in FCC’s Lifeline program

FCC certifies Samsung fixed 5G router, paving way for Verizon fixed 5G launch

T-Mobile eyes spectrum above 95 GHz for 5G backhaul

Verizon tops latest speed tests with 20 MB/s downloads

The ‘race to 5G’ is just mindless marketing BS

Why regulators should approve the T-Mobile/Sprint deal

Artificial intelligence and the future of government

Charter Wireless launches June 30

Don’t charge your brain implant during thunderstorms, docs warn after incident

Dutch emergency-services-network upgrade to cost more than planned

Nokia snaps up industrial IoT analytics firm SpaceTime, ramps up 5G activity

USTelecom says telecom unbundling regulations are outmoded; competitors say they need those UNEs

For the first time, consumers are more likely to view ads online than on TV

Even privacy advocates are tracking you online

What will happen to Cambridge Analytica’s data now that it has closed?

2018 Intelligence Report on global threats shows ransomware increasing 350%


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News announcements from our industry

Mission Critical Open Platform (MCOP) say first release of software-development kit will be available next week at CCW event

CBRS Alliance announces publication of network and coexistence baseline specifications

FCC Chairman Pai’s response to Sen. Rubio and Sen. Nelson regarding the recovery process in Puerto Rico

Governor of Puerto Rico responds to FCC Commissioner O’Rielly’s statements about use of 911 fees

FCC adopts hearing designation order, deletes item from May 10 meeting agenda

This is not a game: NIST virtual reality aims to win for public safety

Sen. McCaskill’s letter to FCC about dead people being enrolled in Lifeline program

NATE applauds introduction of Communications Jobs Training Act of 2018

RCA becomes an associate member of NATE