Sensear will release an improved version of its Smart Plug in-ear, high-noise communication system at IWCE 2012. The Smart Plug 2 will provide the ability to hear speech via amplified earplugs amid noises up to 112dB, up from the 95dB provided by the original Smart Plug. The new device also has noise-suppression technology to reduce disruptive background audio.

The Smart Plug 2 has SENS microphones (see video below) built into the earplugs, which allows the user's voice "to be picked up in your ears," CMO David Cannington said. "You don't need to use a boom mic or any other form of external audio pickup." This system supports two-way radio and cellphone communication via wired or Bluetooth wireless connections.

The Smart Plug 2 unit consists of two earplugs connected to a central processing unit that can be worn around the user's neck or carried in a shirt/coat pocket. The processing unit is contained in a ruggedized, water-resistant case. The Smart Plug 2's lithium battery has a minimum 12-hour battery life.