Anritsu recently introduced a mode for its LMR Master S412E handheld analyzer that lets users conduct measurements on narrowband analog FM (NBFM) LMR systems.

The LMR Master S412E’s NBFM Mode, which is now standard on all new instruments and can be retrofitted to existing instruments via a standard no-cost firmware upgrade, can automatically detect the carrier frequency of an unknown transmitter, tune to that frequency, and analyze the transmitter’s deviation, CTCSS/DCS tone, occupied bandwidth and other parameters. With the NBFM Mode, the LMR Master S412E can support analog LMR systems that use either 12.5 kHz channels or 25 kHz channels, making it a flexible single-instrument solution that can address a variety of networks.

The NBFM Mode expands the capabilities of the LMR Master S412E, which can also support P25, NXDN, and DMR/MotoTRBO systems. The LMR Master S412E significantly reduces the number of tools field technicians and engineers must carry, thereby saving time and money while ensuring accuracy. It features a built-in vector network analyzer (VNA) that delivers excellent transmission dynamic range of > 100 dB, so users can view and adjust the RF performance of RF devices including filters, duplexers, transmitter combiners, receiver multi-couplers and tower-mounted amplifiers. VNA measurements are quickly displayed and updated on the LMR Master S412E’s 8.4” high-resolution TFT touch screen which features a fast 850 μs/point sweep speed.

A built-in spectrum analyzer with excellent DANL of -152 dBm, dynamic range of > 95 dB (both 10 Hz RBW @ 2.4 GHz) and a third-order intercept of greater than +16 dBm makes the LMR Master S412E the ideal tool for finding low-level signals that can interfere with LMR systems, even in the presence of strong nearby carriers typically found at LMR repeater sites. It features an industry-leading low phase-noise reference oscillator (< -110 dBc/Hz typical @ 10 kHz offset) that allows precise measurement of NBFM, P25, NXDN, and DMR system performance, including emission masks, bit-error rate (BER), and modulation fidelity or error-vector magnitude (EVM).

The LMR Master S412E also features an optional high-accuracy power meter that provides true RMS measurements from 50 MHz to 6 GHz using a selection of external sensors, including inline sensors capable of handling up to 150 watts. It is the ideal solution for making accurate measurements of both CW and modulated signals.