Palo Alto, Calif.-based Network Chemistry today unveiled its RFprotect Mobile wireless-analysis tool with global positioning system, or GPS, capabilities. The automated solution lets enterprises and government organizations track rouge devices residing outside a wireless campus that attempt to tap into the network, said Dr. Chris Waters, the company’s chief technology officer.

The solution consists of a wireless-enabled laptop, an off-the-shelf wireless card that supports 802.11 a/b/g and mapping software that pinpoints the location of unauthorized devices. QuickLocate is a software-based program loaded on the laptop that maps the access points on a wireless campus. It emits a high-pitch sound, which beeps at a higher pitch as the user approaches a rouge device. GPS further supports this process of finding and eliminating wireless threats, Waters said.

The product is currently available and costs $4000, which includes the laptop, wireless card and software programs.