Aug. 29: New York state CIO issues letter of default to Tyco Electronics M/A-COM; gives company 45 days to address 19 deficiencies in the first phase of the statewide wireless network (SWN).

Oct. 15: Tyco Electronics M/A-COM declares that deficiencies required in the contract have been fixed and that the first phase of the network is ready for another round of testing.

Nov. 6: Systems integration testing of SWN's first phase begins.

Nov. 21: Systems integration testing concludes.

Dec. 1: Two days before operational tests were scheduled to begin — if the network passed the systems integration test — the state declares an indefinite delay in its evaluation of November testing.

Dec. 17: SWN Advisory Council meets, but New York state CIO says November test results are still being evaluated.

Source: New York Office for Technology