Anritsu introduced the S412D LMR Master, a handheld test-and-measurement instrument for the installation, verification and servicing of Project 25, or P25, communications systems.

The S412D combines the functionality of a cable and antenna analyzer, spectrum analyzer, interference analyzer, and power meter in a handheld device, which reduces the number of tools technicians and engineers must use, making field testing simpler and easier, said Tom Brinkoetter, one of the company's IT managers.

The device is new to the company's Site Master family of analyzers and comes equipped with a P25 demodulator that provides transmitter measurements — including constellation, symbol deviation error and bit error rate (BER) — and coverage mapping over the 25 MHz to 1.6 GHz frequency range, Brinkoetter said.

“We added the P25 demodulator to test the modulation quality of a P25 transmitter,” he said. “Then a coverage measurement is used to map the BER of the repeater using GPS coordinates.”

In addition, the device can be used for drive testing that ties measurements from different P25 systems to an embedded GPS location and time data collector that later can be downloaded to a PC. All data are captured into one file to help with mapping measurements.

Brinkoetter said that despite its small form factor, the device provides the same functionality as other analyzers in the company's line. A software suite manages, archives and analyzes data, and prints reports.

In addition, the device is ruggedized to withstand harsh environments and the rigors of field testing.

“It's about the size of a lady's handbag and easily withstands the day-to-day punishment of field use,” Brinkoetter said. “The analyzer is almost impervious to the bumps and bangs typically encountered by portable field-based equipment.”

The S412D LMR Master has a delivery time of six to eight weeks and starts at $10,000.

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