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Tower owner faces drug-related catastrophe and bankruptcy

Microsoft: We’ve just messed up Russian plans to attack the U.S. 2018 midterm elections

Verizon counts the (five) ways that 5G will impact smart cities

AT&T tracking to meet 2018 network-virtualization goal

Sprint begins race to first 5G smartphone with LG as the wild card

How China rules using data, artificial intelligence and Internet surveillance

China aims to narrow cyberwarfare gap with U.S.

Google tracks your movements, like it or not

Man sues over Google’s ‘Location History’ fiasco, case could affect millions

Our politicians have no idea how the Internet works

NTCA report: 82.4% of schools served by rural telcos have fiber to the premises (FTTP)

Deep fiber: Why building owners need to adapt or risk extinction

Verizon leads fleet-management-systems market in the Americas

Baseball players want robots to be their umps

IoT project saves busy beekeepers’ time


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News announcements from our industry

FCC Wireline Competition Bureau directs USAC to fully fund eligible Category One and Category Two e-Rate requests

PSTA board of directors selects Maggie Goodrich as chair

Wireless industry announces new cybersecurity certification program for cellular-connected Internet of Things devices

Verizon and Nokia complete first 5G NR mobility call

AT&T blog: FirstNet’s security, reliability should not be sacrificed

AT&T blog: Cops on the convergence beat: 21st Century rules to protect consumers online