One of the hottest topics in the Land Mobile Radio (LMR) industry today is the use of private Long Term Evolution (LTE). Although there is a plethora of information available regarding LTE and how it will affect the LMR industry, many questions remain unanswered.

This paper will delve into the LTE/LMR discussion and will present some facts so that readers can determine for themselves what impact LTE will have on them. Every segment of the LMR industry will be affected in some way, but exactly how much LTE will affect an individual or organization will depend on what that individual’s or organization’s roles are.

LTE is well established in the consumer market, but enhancements to the standard to specifically address the needs of Public Safety/Critical Communications are required.

The driving factor for adopting LTE in the LMR industry is the increased need for broadband data applications. All of the leading LMR equipment manufacturers such as Motorola, Harris, Tait, Kenwood, Hytera, etc. have already embraced LTE. Many of these manufacturers have either already released or is about to release combined LTE/LMR solutions. With the rise in hybrid LTE/LMR devices, operators and maintainers will require test equipment to test both LTE and LMR equipment.

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