Mary Rose Roberts

Mary Rose
Federal government launches mobile hazmat guide (with related video)
First responders will be able to access hazardous-material information from their mobile devices via a free application provided by the U.S. Department of Transportation.
Motorola continues APX upgrade with accountability software
Motorola adds firefighter accountability software to its APX series of portable radios.
San Francisco ire
Transit officials are under fire for shutting off wireless service to patrons in the name of public safety. But opponents claim that the action unnecessarily put citizens at risk.
Firefighting app integrates CAD, adds hydrant info
The FirefighterLog app now can be integrated into computer-aided dispatch systems, said Patrick Jackson, the app’s developer and a career fire engineer with the Rocky Mount (N.C.) Fire Department.
How public-safety agencies can use social media
NVFC chair recommends multiple Facebook pages to reach different audiences, using social media for disaster communications, and creating a formal usage policy.
Long-distance rescue saves public servants
Last year, East Haven (Conn.) Fire Department dispatcher Ray Kline didn’t expect to be working a call alongside first responders in central Maine, more than 300 miles from his one-person dispatch center. But a 911 call from local resident Erick Stolzman changed Kline’s perspective about how dispatchers can have a huge impact even at an incident miles away.
App lets mobile responders share images, video with commanders
An iPhone app lets field-deployed first responders share real-time images and data remotely with incident commanders. Developed by Maryland-based ElanTech, the app is a mobile version of its Incident Management Decision Support System (IMDSS) Online.
NIST completes initial recommendations to solve RF-PASS interference for NFPA review
The National Institute of Standards and Technology recently submitted recommendations to the National Fire Protection Association regarding radio-frequency interference to personal alert safety systems from external systems like radio-frequency identification communications, often used to automate warehouse operations.
TRX Systems predicts 2013 deployment of Sentrix firefighter tracking solution
TRX Systems is expecting to deploy in 2013 its firefighter tracking location that uses a series of algorithms and in-building data to wirelessly transmit the location of personnel to command staff, the company announced.
DHS breaks down 2013 cybersecurity budget
Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano recently testified at a Senate appropriations subcommittee hearing on the president's FY 2013 DHS budget request, where she emphasized that funds were needed to strengthen the nation's cybersecurity efforts.
OIG finds NASA suffered 5,408 cybersecurity incidents over 2 years (with related video)
Between April 2009 and April 2011, NASA reported the loss or theft of 48 mobile computing devices, some of which resulted in the unauthorized release of sensitive data, including export-controlled, personally identifiable information (PII) and third-party intellectual property.
GOP members reject Cybersecurity Act, propose alternative (with related video)
SECURE IT would ask companies to voluntarily share threat data to receive incentives, such as protection from privacy lawsuits.
An invisible enemy (with related video)
Foreign intelligence services and their hackers-for-hire quickly and anonymously steal and transfer massive quantities of data.
Funding for DHS preparedness grants cut by $1B
The DHS preparedness grants give priority this year to applicants in the nation's highest-risk areas, including urban areas, with a focus on terrorism prevention.
Senate considers Cybersecurity Act of 2012 (with related video)
The bill would give the DHS regulatory authority over companies with computer systems crucial to the nation's economic and physical security.

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