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Sep 22, 2016

From festivals to football, emergency preplanning for assembly events is critical

Bad things can happen when large gatherings of people occur, particularly in today's era of terrorist attacks. By planning for emergencies long before such an event, public safety can be equipped to respond to an incident as quickly and efficiently as possible....More
Sep 15, 2016

Congress needs to update the Communications Act—quickly 2

Technology has changed dramatically during the past 20 years, and Congress needs to pass laws reflecting this new world of communications....More
Sep 13, 2016

Don’t be too quick to judge New Hampshire harshly for signing deal with Rivada 4

Last week, New Hampshire signed an agreement with Rivada Networks to build the RAN in its state, if it decides to opt out of FirstNet. Did the state jump the gun, or was it merely keeping its options open?...More
Sep 13, 2016

Reliable high-speed backhaul vital for delivering mission-critical HD multimedia services to first responders

Technology exists to support systems that can deliver high-definition video to first responders in real time—a potentially very valuable application to public safety. But planning for such systems needs to include measures to ensure that the backhaul will be available when needed and has adequate capacity to deliver the low-latency experience that will be needed to help officials make critical decisions....More
Sep 8, 2016

Geospatial data exchange is needed now to improve efficiencies, save lives

It would allow critical information to be shared at a moment's notice, even across county lines—a capability that could be the difference between life and death, as in the case of Shanell Anderson....More
Sep 1, 2016

Body-worn-camera policies provide a glimpse of future technology-related challenges

It is exciting to imagine the possibilities that technologies like drones and the Internet of Things could bring to public safety. However, the policy difficulties associated with the deployment of body-worn cameras should serve as a reminder that implementation can be much more complicated than most envision initially....More
Aug 25, 2016

Police vests go broadband: How body-worn cameras affect mission critical infrastructure

Body-worn cameras on police officers promise many benefits, but developing a secure, fast method to upload the video content is critical to the technology being used to its full potential....More
Aug 23, 2016

Reappointment of Swenson to top spot on FirstNet board is great news for public safety

Sue Swenson's reappointment as chairwoman of FirstNet should be viewed as a big win for public safety, based on Swenson's contributions to date and her expertise in operating wireless networks....More
Aug 17, 2016

When your hands are full, new technology may let your eyes carry the load

Public-safety personnel in the field want the information that broadband applications can deliver, but they often need to keep their heads up and their hands free, precluding the use of typical consumer devices. Motorola Solutions' proof-of-concept virtual-reality demonstration featuring Eyefluence technology may provide the seed of a solution to this problem....More

If expense is not an issue, should wearable cameras be used by law enforcement?

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