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Wireless backhaul can help support the next generation of public-safety technology

Whether the purpose is to provide additional bandwidth capacity or redundant connectivity to a cell site, wireless backhaul solutions can be used to....More

Sanders is wrong—Clinton’s cybersecurity blunder is a 'real issue facing America'2

It may be true that Americans are fatigued by the “gotcha” politics surrounding the Hillary Clinton e-mail server debate, but what should not be....More

Modern public-safety networks can support more than first responders1

Modern communications networks are making it possible for public-safety networks to more effectively support their traditional mission-critical....More

FirstNet is sending out an invite (RFP). Will anyone come?2

By Andrew Seybold. FirstNet's final request for proposal (RFP) needs to structured to be friendly to commercial partner(s), because this public-....More

Preventing a devastating, OPM-like hack of FirstNet

By Patrick Flynn. FirstNet is poised to be a game changer in the public-safety communities, but we can’t lose sight of the importance of applying the....More

Chattanooga shootings exhibit the need for in-building wireless, text-to-911 services

Following the recent tragic shootings in Chattanooga, officials at the Safer Buildings Coalition (SBC) began discussing the significance of the final....More

How to guarantee mission-critical multimedia for public-safety networks

First responders will benefit from the situational awareness provided by real-time video and other multimedia applications, but it is important that....More

Clear skies or stormy weather on FirstNet’s horizon?

FirstNet should consider satellite options as it seeks cost-effective methods to first responders with broadband coverage in vast rural and low-....More

Reform defense acquisition to reflect the challenges of the cyber age

Currently, the defense procurement process is hallmarked by delays and under-inclusiveness. The Department of Defense and Congress must work together....More

Cyber leadership void in Congress undermining efforts to address concerns

Congressional leaders say they are focused on cybersecurity. But to truly address our cybersecurity vulnerabilities, Congress must turn its focus....More

As we celebrate the Fourth of July, remember the first responders—our nation’s finest1

As we see and interact with our nation’s finest this weekend, let’s all take a moment to say, “Thank you.”....More

The National 911 Progress Report: Tracking progress toward next-generation 911

Significant progress toward the implementation of next-generation 911 (NG911) is occurring in states and counties across the nation according to the....More

National 911 Progress Report provides unprecedented insight into state 911 operational and financial data

In 2013, more than 149 million emergency calls were received in the 39 states that shared data through the National 911 Profile Database. This is....More

Cybersecurity: Believe it or not, the buck should stop at the U.S. Coast Guard

Efforts to have the U.S. Department of Homeland Security spearhead the federal government's cybersecurity efforts have failed, for myriad reasons....More

It's time for PSAPs to enter the on-ramps to next-generation 911

Knowing the requirements and how to begin the next-generation 911 migration process can be difficult. Although there are many various ways to get....More
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