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Partnerships are much more than contracts—an important distinction for FirstNet

By Andrew M. Seybold. Partnerships are vital to FirstNet. Given this, FirstNet must have the ability to seek out and discuss potential partnership....More

FirstNet is not a master of its own fate

Overreaction by some within the federal government to allegations made by former FirstNet board member Paul Fitzgerald have cost the organization....More

Ideas for managing the growth and complexity of public-safety LTE networks

Newfield Wireless CEO Marc Bensadoun explores the challenges facing FirstNet and carriers wanting to provide broadband mobile data services over LTE....More
Oct 01, 2014

Unfinished Business

There are some very critical spectrum and regulatory developments today that deserve front-page coverage in wireless news reports. These stories....More

How participation in the National 911 Profile Database matters to PSAPs nationwide

By submitting information to the National 911 Profile Database today, states can help 911 officials and public-safety answering point (PSAP)....More

Land mobile radio: Why moving to IT makes sense

By leveraging the combined technical expertise and practices of its IT department and traditional LMR radio personnel, the city of Richardson, Texas....More

Tips for hiring and training radio technicians

Throughout the industry, there is a shortage of good radio technicians, but dealers can close this gap by following best practices for hiring and....More
Jun 24, 2014

Who Receives New Spectrum is a Pivotal Decision

The last time we had a new allocation of spectrum for industrial/business licensees was in 1985. Reagan was president, the first dot-com was....More

Adams County, Colo., to demonstrate first phase of its FirstNet LTE system on June 6

In his own words, the executive director of Adams County Communications Center (ADCOM911) describes the first-phase buildout of the county's public-....More

MEPs provide large-company retirement benefits for the small-business market

Multiple-employer plans (MEPs) represent a way for small-business employers—the category for most radio dealers—to provide retirement-investment....More

New Internet domains alter dynamics for protecting, promoting your business online

With the introduction of new Generic Top Level Domains (GTLDs)--from ".solutions" to ".reviews"--alert companies can benefit from new opportunities....More

Data, Data Everywhere… Making it operational in real time, in 2014 and beyond

Data is coming at your agency from all angles, but data is only as good as how it can be used. How do you operationalize all of this information that....More
Mar 19, 2014

Enough ...

No one should be surprised that the FCC has announced that effective April 1, 2014, they will no longer accept license renewal applications in the....More

Tennessee lawmakers considering new 911 funding model

Lawmakers in Tennessee are considering legislation that would transform the 911 funding model in a manner that is designed to reflect the....More

FirstNet General Manager Bill D’Agostino: We need to hear from you

FirstNet General Manager Bill D’Agostino reflects on the two-year anniversary of Congress passing the legislation that created FirstNet, which is....More
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