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Cybersecurity: Believe it or not, the buck should stop at the U.S. Coast Guard

Efforts to have the U.S. Department of Homeland Security spearhead the federal government's cybersecurity efforts have failed, for myriad reasons....More

It's time for PSAPs to enter the on-ramps to next-generation 911

Knowing the requirements and how to begin the next-generation 911 migration process can be difficult. Although there are many various ways to get....More

'help man with gun in house': Six years of text-to-911 service

Six years after the first text-to-911 message was delivered to a public-safety answering point (PSAP) in Iowa, Intrado's John Kearney reflects on the....More

A league of your own: Professional telecommunicators for 911!

Intrado's Mary Boyd shares a secret: She is inspired by 911 telecommunicators' work and commitment every day....More

Tips for resolving interference issues amicably

Nothing fouls up your ability to communicate with your teams in the field or back at the station than interference. Sometimes it can be intentional;....More

The skills gap in America and the nature of work in the wireless industry3

Trade-press articles regularly cite a shortage of trained professionals in several industries, including wireless communications. While this appears....More

Where should a public-safety answering point (PSAP) begin to address cybersecurity?

As public-safety answering points (PSAPs) transition to all-IP architectures as part of the migration to next-generation 911, cybersecurity is a....More

Distracted-driving enforcement & penalties—Why are they not working?2

Many states are not enforcing distracted-driver rules that prohibit drivers from using a mobile device. With the risks to life and property—not to....More

Fork in the Road: Is FirstNet ready to address potential national public-safety network vulnerabilities?1

In 18 months, a new President and Congress will be in office. Now is the time to ask tough questions regarding FirstNet's readiness to meet increased....More

Federal cybersecurity efforts need clear responsibility, urgency and leadership2

There is no silver bullet to the complex problem of cyber attacks on the federal government, but identifying who is responsible and prodding them to....More

FirstNet should leave ‘public-safety entity’ definition to governor of each state/territory4

In its third public notice, FirstNet seeks clarification on the definition of a "public-safety entity" that can be considered for priority access on....More

Industrial IoT and IT/OT Convergence: How to Reap Benefits and Avoid Pitfalls

For many enterprises, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) provides an opportunity to leverage technology to gain efficiencies that can bolster....More

All-outdoor microwave delivers secure, scalable backhaul for public-safety networks

All-outdoor microwave backhaul systems deliver the key elements needed for the transport layer of an outdoor-based LTE system, including scalability....More

What’s the right infrastructure for public-safety DAS?

When deploying a distributed antenna system (DAS) to provide in-building coverage, some vendors recommend a separate overlay for the public-safety....More

Vendors should put first responders before profits, encourage ISSI deployments

If agencies could enable intersystem interoperability via ISSI at will, radio systems would be chosen on their merits, instead of being forced by....More
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