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Urgent Communications
What FirstNet can learn from statewide LMR systems  4
When it comes to providing information needed to convince first-response agencies to subscribe to a nationwide network, FirstNet officials should consider some of the lessons learned by states that have built statewide LMR networks that faced similar outreach challenges. (Free registration required)
Digital-to-analog interference may be an opportunity for dealers
New digital systems are interfering with existing analog systems in many locations. None of the potential solutions are easy, and radio dealers should be prepared to help customers explore the various options to address their problem.
BeSafe Technologies aligns with Safety Alert Apps
BeSafe Technologies announces an alliance with Safety Alert Apps, which will provide its SafeWatch Team smartphone application to BeSafe’s clients. SafeWatch lets clients automatically dial 911 and contact key personnel via text and e-mail alerts.
SST brings ShotSpotter gunshot-location technology indoors
SST announces the development of SiteSecure, a solution that detects the location of gunshot fire and integrates with the company's popular outdoor Shotspotter techology.
Information sharing is the key to stopping organized retail theft
By leveraging Motorola Solutions' real-time-crime-center technology, the state of Illinois hopes to leverage information from disparate retail thefts to uncover trends that can be used to help law enforcement apprehend those associated with organized retail crime (ORC).
VIEVU adds high-definition capability to wearable law-enforcement camera
Seattle-based VIEVU announces the LE3, the latest iteration of the company’s wearable camera for law enforcement that features the ability to operate in both high-definition and standard-definition modes.
No shortage of compelling story lines for 2014 (Part 2)
On Tuesday, we presented five potential stories that we believe will be among the most noteworthy this year. Today we present five more, as well as a list of things that we’d like to see occur in 2014.
No shortage of compelling story lines for 2014
Last year was a particularly eventful year in the communications-technology sector, and we expect 2014 to be just as eventful. Recently, we dusted off our crystal ball to see whether we could get a glimpse of the stories that will be the most noteworthy and/or interesting this year.
Verizon platform tackles security challenges of the ‘Internet of Things’
As the Internet of Things becomes reality, Verizon launches a cloud-based security suite that is designed to address many of the inherent challenges, including scale, convenience and the ability to thwart increasingly sophisticated attacks.
UC's top stories of 2013 (Part 2)
On Tuesday, we presented five stories that we think are among the most compelling of 2013. Here are five more.
UC’s top stories of 2013 (Part 1)
There was no shortage of important stories in 2013. Here are five that we think were among the most interesting and notable. On Thursday, we’ll present five more.
Philadelphia launches incubator for public-safety innovation
City of Philadelphia incubator project hopes to encourage innovation throughout the public-safety sector, including communications technology.
VIEVU translates wearable law-enforcement video cameras to ‘prosumer’ marketplace
Wearable video cameras from VIEVU are used by more than 3,000 law-enforcement officers in 15 countries, but a new version of the technology is being used in various enterprise sectors.
FCC acts to make 911 service more reliable
In reaction to the 911 outages caused by last year's derecho, the FCC passes rules requiring carriers to conduct regular testing to ensure that their networks are resilient enough to withstand such severe storms and other difficult events.
PSIM brings myriad elements together to enhance emergency response
With first-responder agencies getting information from multiple sources, physical security information management (PSIM) technology—first introduced about five years ago—can help them make sense of it all and enable quicker responses, according to Diamond Chaflawee, director of public-safety marketing for NICE Systems.

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