BALTIMORE--FCC Commissioner Deborah Taylor Tate yesterday offered comments on three key issues before the commission during a speech headlining the final session of the annual Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) conference.

On 700 MHz, which features a public-private partnership to build a nationwide wireless broadband network for public safety: "You asked the commission to make additional spectrum in the 700 MHz band available to improve first-responder interoperable data and video communications through the creation of a public-private partnership in the newly created D block. And you asked that the commission take this action this year. And you we listened, and we heard, and we've done this.

"I'd hoped to bring the order today, but I'm also hoping it will be out very soon."

On 800 MHz rebanding: "We're committed to keeping the 800 MHz rebanding on track toward it's conclusion and continue to respond to your concerns along the way. I think the bureau said their door is open, and I can assure you that mine is as well."

On the digital-television transition, which will clear the 700 MHz band: "I'd like to make one final pitch ...As much as we all enjoy our television shows, it is really the way to keep America informed and connected during a disaster, so we need your help."