Uninterruptible power supplies

Phoenix Contact has added the Quint Buffer and Quint DC-UPS uninterruptible power supplies designed for international applications. The units ensure continuous operation of all 24V devices in electrical installations during power interruptions, preventing unstable power grids from causing failures, the company said. For power interruptions lasting up to 4 seconds, the Quint Buffer module supplies the required current from maintenance-free electrolytic capacitators, while the Quint DC-UPS module responds to longer outages with durable, hybrid, lead-acid storage batteries.

Antenna jumper line

Radio Waves has introduced Flex Twist antenna jumpers to its line. The jumpers are available in frequency bands from 5.9 GHz to 38 GHz and in various lengths to fit specific applications. They carry a 3-year warranty and can ship from either Radio Waves U.S. or U.K. facilities. The jumpers have a low insertion loss and can be configured with various flange connectors as required, the company said.

Dual band access points

Cisco Systems has added the 1130AG and 1230AG to its Aironet line of access points. The access points take full advantage of the dual band capabilities of IEEE 802.11a/b/g client devices while maintaining full backward-compatibility with legacy IEEE 802.11b clients, Cisco said. The access points also comply with both the IEEE 802.11i and WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2) standards for securing wireless LANs. Targeted to the enterprise market, the Access points provide simultaneous support in the 5.0 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands for a combined capacity of up to 108 Mb/s at distances “far surpassing that of previous generation radios,” Cisco said.

Headset and handset assembly cords

Whitney Blake Co. has unveiled a line of handset and headset assembly cords for communication applications. Originally designed with a rubber jacket strictly for military use, the new cords are manufactured with a polyurethane jacket and may be customized with appropriate contacts and connectors. Specific applications include wireless phone handsets, vehicle intercom systems and mobile radio systems. The length and flexibility of the cords give the user a greater range of motion, and the durability of the cords is suitable for the harshest conditions, the company said.