Bentek intros satellite modem for remote SCADA

Bentek Systems unveiled the SCADALink UNICON SAT, a satellite modem designed for SCADA applications. The device features two-way transparent RS232/RS485 communications to enable full polling and remote programming capability to the field device, the company said. In addition, the device operates on the geosynchronous MSAT data network that covers all of North America and provides response times of 4 seconds or less, the company said.

RF Micro wins patent

RF Micro Devices announced it has been awarded a patent for its method of integrated power control, which is based on collector voltage control and designed to maximize transmitter yields and minimize design time. The technology is incorporated across the company's GSM/GPRS PowerStar power amplifier modules. The integration of the power control function eliminates the need for directional couplers, detector diodes, power control ASICs and other power-control circuitry, the company said. In addition, the technology provides “high levels of repeatability” across power amplifier production and reduces lot-to-lot variation, the company said.

BelAir unveils optical line interface for Wi-Fi

BelAir Networks introduced what it is calling the first optical line interface designed to connect metro-scale Wi-Fi networks to existing metro fiber optical networks. The company will offer two “intermediate reach” interfaces that are compliant with IEEE's 802.3u 100BaseFX fast Ethernet standard. The interfaces will use dual LC or single LC connectors that are sealed to meet NEMA4 (IP68) water and dust ingress standards, the company said.

Satellite-based maritime solution launched

World Communications Center announced the launch of MariTrack, an Iridium satellite-based communications and monitoring system designed for the maritime industry that meets the International Maritime Organization's requirements concerning Ship Security Alert Systems [SSAS]. According to Kate Donlon, a spokeswoman for World Communications Center, all ocean-bearing ships are required to have an SSAS system onboard by July 1; after that date, non-compliant ships won't be allowed into any port worldwide.

“A lot of normal mobile communications aren't truly global-they can't get [their transmissions] out when they're in places like the Arctic Circle or in the small channels. With Iridium, you truly get global coverage,” Donlon said.

MariTrack also meets the IMO's Vessel Monitoring Services requirements, and addresses future needs for Automatic Identification Services capabilities, the company said.

RF Monolithics unveils low-power components

RF Monolithics announced the release of coupled resonator filters (CRFs) in a 3.8mm × 3.8mm surface-mount package that operate at 433.92 MHz and 315 MHz frequencies. Featuring low insertion loss and the temperature stability of quartz, the filters represent “the next technology roadmap milestone” for its low-power CRFs, the company said. The release of the smaller CRF package comes just three months after the introduction of a 5mm × 5mm CRF package.

Ritron transceiver designed to improve interoperability

Ritron introduced RadioNexus, a base-station transceiver that is designed to let two-way radio users access an IP network. An RJ-45 connector and a Type 3 E&M analog interface allows the transceiver to be connected to the IP network via a router or a VoIP gateway. RadioNexus, available in VHF and UHF frequency models, lets any type of LMR radio talk with other networked devices, including radios operating in different bands, the company said.

Peltor announces new family of headsets

Peltor this week introduced three two-way radio headset platforms — PowerCom Plus, PowerCom and LiteCom — designed to provide users with choices regarding features and price points. All three platforms include advancements such as a noise-canceling boom microphone, secondary radio interface ability and a remote finger push-to-talk accessory. LiteCom is a five-channel version, while PowerCom and PowerComPLUS can access 14 channels and 38 CTCSS privacy sub channels.

Wavecom, Orange partner on M2M solution

Paris-based Wavecom SA jointly announced with wireless communications provider Orange an end-to-end communication and development platform for machine-to-machine communications. The platform will incorporate Orange's M2M Connect platform and Wavecom's “fully compatible” M2M module. The companies said the agreement would “significantly reduce” the time and cost of applications development and result in M2M solutions that would enable users to reduce operating costs and create new services and revenue streams, “with return on investment in less than a year.”