Bird Electronics

The SA-6000EX is the latest addition to the Site Analyzer antenna and cabling diagnostic tools. The SA-6000EX provides users with a diagnostic range from 25 MHz to 6 GHz, enabling a wider range of applications that can be supported by a single field unit. In addition to its extended frequency band, the EX Series also provides memory storage up to 300 traces, improved frequency resolution, a source VSWR of 1.12 to 1.00, a VSWR range of 1.00 to 99.99 and a greater low temperature operating range from -10Þ to 50Þ C.


The Broadband Site Master S810D/S820D cable and antenna analyzers cover a range from 25 MHz to 20 GHz and detect faults in cables and antennas used in wireless backhaul and defense applications. The hand-held units use the frequency domain reflectometry technology — which uses RF and microwave energy instead of DC pulses — to provide earlier detection of faults that eventually cause catastrophic failure.

In addition, Anritsu introduced options for its MS2711D Spectrum Master hand-held spectrum analyzer, including an interference analyzer and channel scanner that extend the unit's spectrum analysis capabilities.

Times Microwave Systems

SilverLine test cables employ the Tuff Grip heavy-duty handgrip at the system test end. Tuff Grip lets users apply as much hand resistance as necessary to make or break heavily weatherproofed RF connections quickly and easily without the use of wrenches and without damaging the test cable. The grip also offers improved phase stability with flexure, a steel-reinforced flexible outer armor covering to resist cut-through and abrasion, and stainless steel connectors. Tuff Grip is available on SilverLine test cables with 7-16 DIN male and female and Type N female connectors.


U.K.-based Plextek recently designed a series of custom integrated circuits that have been incorporated into Aeroflex's production test equipment line. The ICs let Aeroflex extend its signal generator product range to 6 GHz, enable highly reliable and fast switching operation and have helped to improve VSWR. The ICs currently are being used in Aeroflex's 3416 Digital RF Signal Generator, which covers a frequency range of 250 kHz to 6 GHz and offers full digital, vector and analog modulation.


The 2945B and 2948B communications service monitors for analog systems weigh less than 25 pounds, include a full-span spectrum analyzer and a tracking generator with full offset tracking. They provide accurate power measurements to 150 W and offer a frequency range from 400 kHz to 1.05 GHz. The 2948B also offers a low-phase noise signal generator for more critical receiver testing. New capabilities include logic trunked radio, greater tracking generator isolation, a seamless RF generator, flexible audio and demodulation filters, an internal battery option that provides up to 60 minutes of field use and a sunlight-readable color display.