Meru Networks today unveiled the E(z) RF High-Fidelity Location Manager Product, a new software application that helps enterprises manage the vendor’s 802.11 networks more efficiently, said Steve Troyer, the company’s vice president of product marketing.

The product is the newest application to an existing software suite that lets systems integrators determine coverage for the access points deployed in a network and also lets them manage and configure the WLAN. The E(z) solution offers location tracking of wireless devices within 5 and 15 feet from access points. It is self-configuring—the software automatically recognizes access points associated with the WLAN—and provides rouge access-point blocking tools and a virtual-perimeter shield, used to protect a specific area from rouge devices.

Troyer said the solution can be used on a large wireless campus and can limit access to the network by location. For example, access points can block signals in a large university lecture hall during exams in order to limit students’ access to mobile data and stave off cheating temptations.

Alarms can be configured by user preference, such as pop-ups on computer screens or alerts sent to a hand-held device. It can track up to 500 access points, according to Troyer.

The software suite is available currently and costs $13,995 per license.