Meru Networks today announced its Video Unplugged Program, a video over wireless LAN (WLAN) partner program that tests and certifies multi-vendor video products for interoperability over a company’s enterprise wireless network.

Meru will collaborate with specific partners on interoperability tests and will share lab equipment, hold customer trials and develop configuration guides for customers. High-definition video communications provider LifeSize and enterprise-class, mission-critical secure video distribution developer Video Furnace currently are two of several participating companies, said Jim Ciociolo, the company’s vice president of business development.

As part of the program, certified companies will offer interoperable video applications, devices, infrastructure solutions and management tools that run seamlessly over Meru’s single-channel, controller-based, scalable WLAN that includes multiple access points for the transmission of data, video or voice over 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz spectrum, said Ciociolo.

Ciociolo said the company’s WLAN has been used for converged applications, such as multiple voice and data clients. Users approached the company about supporting mobile video applications, whether cameras for surveillance or video-conferencing technologies.

The program’s goal is to certify video products and guarantee the quality of service of the technologies that run over the WLAN, Ciociolo said.

“It provides us a platform to guarantee customers end-to-end performance of the video performance across Meru’s wireless infrastructure,” he said. “Because of the quality of service the network does over the air, in a video domain, attributes like delay, latency and jitter are quite important.”

Ciociolo noted that the program launched today will continue to evolve and add additional video-surveillance vendors after each passes certification and testing on the company’s network.