RELM Wireless announced today that its KNG P800 portable radio is Project 25 Compliance Assessment Program (P25 CAP)-validated on the infrastructure of four competitors, and has been included on the Responder Knowledge Base (RKB) website.

The P25 CAP is a voluntary program that allows P25 equipment suppliers to formally demonstrate their products' compliance with a select group of P25 requirements. The purpose of the program is to provide federal, state and local emergency response agencies with evidence that the communications equipment they are purchasing meets P25 standards for performance, conformance, and interoperability.

To assist the emergency response community with selecting interoperable communications equipment, DHS provides the RKB website; an integrated, online source of information on products, standards, certifications, grants, and other equipment-related information. Manufacturers must submit a Supplier's Declaration of Compliance (SDoC) and Summary Test Report (STR) for inclusion on the site. These documents provide a means of verifying that federal grant dollars are being invested in standardized solutions and equipment that promotes interoperability. Information on the KNG P800 portable radio and RELM's other KNG Series mobiles and portables is now available on the RKB site.

RELM's KNG Series portable radios are one of the highest specification radios available in a lightweight package. RELM's KNG Series mobile radios provide features like full-color touchscreen technology that improves the usability of the radio.