Catalyst Communications Technologies will demonstrate its IP|SOFT Radio, which is compatible with existing Catalyst gateways,. These gateways include those that support legacy radio systems, such as Harris’ EDACS and Motorola SMARTNET, Project 25, as well as commercial push-to-talk systems from Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel. According to the company, the IP|SOFT Radio provides communications to any organization’s dispatch center and supports multiple voice streams to be simultaneously monitored without scanning.

Specifically, it provides field access to an agency’s LMR system, commercial PTT system or radio network dispatch center from a portable tablet PC. The company also will demonstrate a radio targeted at the utilities’ meter-reader systems that includes LMR system access and access to commercial network PTT devices while simultaneously allowing a meter reader to enter field data.

Midland Radio Corp. added site monitoring and channel steering to its P25 digital products. The site-monitoring option supports remote monitoring of base/repeater station performance by the use of the low-speed data capability specified by the P25 protocol. Parameters that now can be observed include B+ voltage; RF power (an indicator of high temperature, high VSWR or component failure); RX synthesizer status; and receiver performance. The channel steering option supports channel steering to occur remotely via a companion radio link. The linked Base Tech III radio receives and recognizes network access codes and converts them to serial data, according to the company. The data then is communicated to the other remote Base Tech III, directing appropriate channel selection.

The company also launched a new deluxe control head for its P25 mobile radios with integrated rotary volume and squelch control. The new design meets MIL-STD 810 environmental rating and offers selectable tri-color backlighting; selectable contrast; and SMS and pre-programmed message display, among other features.

In addition, the company announced new enhancements to its reliable P25 Midland radios. The ability to change encryption keys over the air, saving man-hours and minimizing risk to personnel, is now available on Midland P25 mobiles, portables and desktops.