Aeroflex has introduced first one-box test system for cell-phone signal-fading simulation. Integrated within the 7100 Series digital radio test set, the new fading simulator option offers RF engineers baseband tool for signal fading profiling, a requirement for LTE certification.

Fading simulators, combined with noise generators, modify RF signals transmitted by the LTE system simulator and emulate degradations introduced into the radio channel by real-life obstacles such as buildings and foliage. For LTE developers who must profile signal fading on mobile handsets to meet 3GPP requirements before a network is available, the 7100 Series fading simulator allows engineers to perform realistic signal fading simulations in a reliable and repeatable lab environment.

The 7100 Series fading simulator supports all LTE bandwidths to 20 MHz with a frequency range up to 6 GHz. The Aeroflex fading simulator supports all 3GPP fading profiles, allowing users to determine if their device conforms to 3GPP test specifications.