Microwave communications vendor Harris yesterday announced a capacity expansion to its flagship Truepoint solution that is designed to give international operators additional backhaul flexibility. Previously, maximum PDH microwave offerings internationally were provided at 16 E1—representing 32 MB/s of data throughput—forcing operators needing more bandwidth to opt for 155 MB/s SDH links that require additional spectrum, said Michelle Pampin, Harris’ director of global strategic planning. The new Truepoint 32 E1 and IP capacity upgrade provides 64 MB/s to PDH applications, so operators can wait longer to make an upgrade to SDH, she said.

“We’ve essentially doubled the PDH capacity before they have to move to SDH,” Pampin said. “As operators’ requirements are growing, we’ve given them an intermediate step … so they can use their spectrum more efficiently.”

Point-to-point microwave solutions have become increasingly popular with wireless operators that want additional backhaul capacity from base stations without incurring the ongoing expense of leasing fixed-line links. With Harris’ Truepoint system, an operator can increase capacity via software upgrades instead of having to forklift equipment—an alternative that is especially attractive as wireless consumers are still getting comfortable with high-bandwidth applications such as data and video, Pampin said.

“Compared to five years ago, site traffic has doubled, and we are still in the dawn of video IP applications offered wirelessly,” she said.