Harris Corp. said this week that it successfully completed multiple field demonstrations of a satellite antenna feed prototype capable of supporting selectable antenna polarization for satellite orthogonal transmit and receive operations.

The feed prototype achieved user data rates of 105 Mb/s—more than 12 times the current satellite terminal capability—using a modified, Harris-built Lightweight high-Gain X-band Antenna (LHGXA) and a modified AN/TSC-85C terminal operating over the recently launched XTAR-EUR commercial X-band satellite.

The selectable X-band polarization feed can be installed on existing LHGXAs and will be the standard offering on Harris' newest tactical satellite antenna, the Large Aperture Multi-band Deployable Antenna (LAMDA), the company said. The 4.9-meter LAMDA supports satellite communications over commercial C- and Ku-band satellites, as well as military X-band satellites (DSCS, WGS, NATO, and SKYNET) and the XTAR satellites.