Harris Corp. this week at the 3GSM World Congress introduced the Truepoint 4000 digital radio, which is designed to add flexibility to microwave backhaul systems while simplifying their maintenance.

Designed for point-to-point wireless applications, the Truepoint product family can deliver service from 4 to 180 MB/s at frequencies ranging from 6 GHz to 38 GHz while managing the deployment remotely using Harris’ NetBoss management platform, also introduced this week.

Using current microwave technology, a typical microwave network requires the deployment of five different radios—requiring different training on each and the necessity to inventory spare parts for each, Harris spokeswoman Michelle Pampin said. In addition, an upgrade from PDH to higher-capacity SDH requires replacing all the radios.

In contrast, the Truepoint 4000 replaces the functionality of the old five-radio set with one radio, simplifying training and maintenance inventory for operators, Pampin said. In addition, the capacity of the system can be upgraded remotely via software instead of requiring a forklift.

“[Network operators] save on spares, training and network management,” Pampin said. “And, because their staffs only have to train on one radio instead of five, they can get really good at it.”