NetMotion Wireless, a provider of mobility management solutions, this week announced the addition of 109 new customers during the second half of 2004.

Two of the largest new customers are Continental Airlines and Atlanta Gas and Light, both of which purchased NetMotion Wirless Mobility XE Enterprise Edition, which provides software support for as many as 1000 mobile devices. During the last 18 months, NetMotion Wireless has grown from 70 customers to 600 customers representing tens of thousands of mobile workers using the mobility management software, according to the company.

Separately, NetMotion Wireless announced wireless industry veteran Bob Hunsberger as the company’s new CEO. Most recently, Hunsberger was CEO of Widcomm, which was bought by Broadcom in 2004. Previously, he was CEO at Metawave Communications and has held senior positions at Nortel Networks and Siemens.

Hunsberger said he believes NetMotion is well-positioned in an era that calls for mobile computing to assume a greater roll in enterprises’ mission-critical operations.

"Wireless data networks are ready, devices have matured and, as our customer growth demonstrates, enterprise demand is there,” Hunsberger said in a prepared statement. “I joined NetMotion Wireless because their software is the best in the industry, and I believe their solution is part of the engine that will propel enterprise adoption of mobile computing.”