RELM Wireless today introduced six products in its new RM Series of mobile radios that operate in operate in one of three frequency bands at either high power or low power.

The RM Series is an expansion of RELM’s RP Series platform of portable mobile radios launched in 2002. The new products operate in the 136-174 MHz VHF, 430-470 MHz UHF or 470-512 MHz UHF bands, with a high-power (45 watts) and a low-power (22 watts) model for each band. All products have received FCC type acceptance and Industry Canada certification.

"With the addition of the new RELM RM Series mobile radios, all of our streamlined, next-generation product designs are now available, across the entire range of practical applications for land mobile radio customers," RELM President and CEO David Storey said in a prepared statement. "The RELM RM Series mobiles and new products that are on the way are a prime example of the value proposition that now clearly defines all our products for every purpose: exceptional performance at a better price.”