Radio Frequency Systems launched the Optimizer micro base station antenna designed for use by operators of dense urban wireless networks, the company said. The antenna extends 27.5 inches and supports the a variety of bands including PCS 1900 MHz, 1800 MHz and 2100 MHz bands, in addition to various others. It offers variable electrical tilt between 2 and 12 degrees, has side-lobe suppression exceeding -20 dB and provides a 15 dBi gain. When installed via the company’s global mounting system, downtilt up to 35 degrees can be achieved, which is advantageous when base stations are located on top of tall buildings, according to Dave Kiesling, RFS director of marketing and technical services. “A high degree of downtilt is sometimes required to cover the streetscape directly below,” he said in a statement.

In other news, RFS announced plans to globally market its RGFLEX braided coaxial cable, expanding beyond the Brazilian telecommunications sector, which has been using the product for the past 30 years. The cable is used to provide interconnection between low-power RF equipment, is available with impedances of 50 or 75 ohms and in diameters up to ½ inch and offers operating range between 1 MHz and 2400 MHz.