Cassidian recently issued the latest release of its next-generation management information system (MIS), Aurora. The Aurora 2.0 solution includes new features and enhancements with significant performance benefits designed to increase operational efficiencies and improve critical decision making in single- and multi-site 911 agencies.

The Aurora 2.0 solution’s functionality for hosted 911 call centers allows for consolidated reporting across multiple geo-diverse call centers. Managers can then segment the data for each site to protect secure information on a single computer telephony integration (CTI) platform collected and reported through a single Aurora 2.0 server. This allows each site to view only its data; or, if configured, regional data across multiple sites.

The Aurora 2.0 solution also offers a number of 911 specific key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the performance and efficiencies of the call center, including a numerical rating of how a call center, call taker or asset is performing. A number of new, advanced reports will contrast login durations, ready times and call taker efficiencies for increased management effectiveness.

Additional features include normalizing categories for filtering of reports; simplified ad-hoc reporting; improved responsiveness and reporting capabilities with Microsoft’s Analysis Services; the ability to have a single Aurora server at a local site when only a single backup site’s information is being collected; multi-site involvement of calls with complex scenarios; and additional advanced reporting options.