Carlson Wireless recently announced a new high-gain, omnidirectional base station antenna for TV white space spectrum. The antenna provides 6 dBi gain across the entire UHF band, without compromising bandwidth or coverage, the company said.

Amplivox intros wireless mic

Amplivox Sound Systems introduced a wireless microphone that broadcasts over 16 UHF channels. Previous versions broadcast over just two channels. Multiple microphone users can operate in the same venue, because having an additional 14 channels to choose from enables them to avoid interference from competing wireless frequencies, the company said.

Locution Systems announces hire

Locution Systems announced that Tony Vasquez has been hired to provide engineering and technical support services for the company's CADVoice fire station alerting and automated 911 dispatching system. Previously, Vasquez served as a test engineer for Oracle and Sun Microsystems.

EWA schedules T-Band meeting

The Enterprise Wireless Alliance said that it would hold the first meeting of its T-Band Users Group on Oct. 11, 2012, from 4:15-5:30 p.m. at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel, Nashville, Tenn., in conjunction with its Enterprise Wireless 2012 Leadership Summit. For more information, contact Louise Hippolyte at

Hytera deploys LMR in Greece

Hytera announced that it deployed a digital mobile radio system for ILPAP, a trolley bus agency that operates in Greece, and which has 23 routes that serve more than 80 million passenger trips annually. Initially 180 mobile radios were installed in the agency's buses that provide dispatch voice communications, GPS positioning and text messaging; eventually an automatic vehicle location capability will be added to improve dispatching, Hytera said.