Locution Systems introduced a new version of its 911 dispatching and fire-station alerting software. CADVoice 5.10 is available immediately, and is being implemented in all new Locution Systems installations.

Due to customizations at some existing Locution Systems installations, current Locution Systems customers are being phased into the new software level over time; many customers already have transitioned to CADVoice 5.10. The price for the most basic configuration of CADVoice 5.10 is $9,995 for software for a 911 communications center, and $2,195 for software in each fire station.

CADVoice 5.10 takes the most popular features and functions customized for various fire and EMS departments using Locution Systems’ automated dispatching system throughout North America (United States and Canada), and combines them into one “master” version of the software. Version 5.10 has a number of significant enhancements that improve the clarity and flexibility of how the CADVoice system vocalizes of critical 911 dispatches being sent to fire or EMS units assigned to handle an emergency call. For example, CADVoice 5.10 now offers greater versatility about how various announcement categories can be handled in the automated 911 dispatching portion of CADVoice.