Saelig recently introduced the C429-RS232, a highly integrated, compact serial and encoded video camera module that can be attached to any host system requiring an economical video or still camera for embedded imaging applications.

The module uses an OmniVision CMOS MT9V011 VGA color sensor and a Vimicro VC0706 control chip. It has an on-board RS232 serial interface for direct connection to any host PC system with a COMport for control or image communication. Video output in NTSC or PAL is also simultaneously provided.

C429-RS232 comes in a compact form factor (38mm x 38mm x 25mm) with built-in 60 degree lens. Simple serial protocol commands instruct the camera to send a 640x480 image for viewing or storage. Serial transfer rate is at 115.2Kbps for transferring color or monochrome images in VGA (640x480), QVGA (320 x 240), or QQVGA (160x120) resolution. Real-time video output is provided at 30 fps as CVBS signal, NTSC or PAL.

The on-board Vimicro VC0706 control IC supports a wide range of functions, including: color control (manual or automatic color; b&w); mirror image; power save; date & time stamp (RTC); flicker control (50/60 Hz); indoor/outdoor modes; back-light compensation; motion detection with alarm output; on-screen display (adding characters to the image for labeling logo, text, date); image control (brightness, contrast, hue, saturation); gamma control; frame buffer control; electronic zoom; and more.