Zetron’s Series 6300 Radio-over-IP (RoIP) gateways are now shipping. The RoIP gateways provide more flexible, cost-effective, IP-based connections between a variety radio dispatch backroom equipment and remote wireline radio resources. The gateways ease the migration of circuits between radios and their control equipment from expensive legacy leased lines to cost-effective, modern IP networks.

Many LMR users have a significant investment in legacy analog wireline radios and control equipment such as dispatch consoles. IT departments want to migrate these LMR systems away from the expensive leased lines to more affordable IP networks. The Series 6300 allows users to do this migration without replacing their large installed base of LMR wireline equipment.

The Series 6300 comes in two versions, the Model 6301 and Model 6302. The Model 6301 single radio-channel version provides a cost-effective connection to a single radio resource. The Model 6302 dual radio-channel version is useful in places like the back room, where using two connections can help save valuable space.