Broadband amplifiers

Freescale Semiconductor unveiled four broadband, RF amplifiers that were developed for WiMAX base stations, meter readers and RFID readers. All of the amplifiers comply with the RoHS Directive, which restricts the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

Rugged tablet

Wireless device manufacture Data Ltd. launched its DLI 8300 Rugged Tablet, which offers several communication options, including iDEN, VoIP and GPS. It is IP67-rated for dust and water resistance and complies with the RoHS Directive, which restricts the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

RFID system for forklift operators

Intermec introduced the Adaptable Load Backrest and Antenna Cell system, RFID system that lets forklift drivers gather real-time inventory data. The system uses a combination of the company's products, including its CV30 vehicle-mount computer and the IV7 vehicle-mount RFID reader, to capture the data, according to the company.

System wirelessly weighs aircrafts

Vishay Intertechnology unveiled the JetWeigh-W wireless aircraft weighing system. The system integrates wireless communication, digital weighing and load-cell technologies to weigh aircraft. It includes a rugged hand-held PC that communicates with up to five hermetically sealed load cells and a thermal printer. It can measure craft ranging from 15,000 to 600,000 pounds and has an operational range of 220 feet.

Push-to-talk for BlackBerry

Wireless operator Kodiak Networks announced it has signed a global licensing agreement with Research In Motion to feature a series of integrated mobile applications — specifically a push-to-talk feature — on BlackBerry handsets. The licensing agreement lets RIM integrate a Java version of the Kodiak handset client with BlackBerry handsets. In addition, the companies will team on development and marketing efforts, according to Kodiak.

Wi-Fi/WLAN antenna solution

Ethertronics, a provider of embedded antenna solutions provider for wideband and multi-band wireless devices, introduced its third-generation, quad-band Wi-Fi/WLAN internal antenna solution. The solution — designed to operate on 2.4 GHz, 4.9 GHz, 5.2 GHz and 5.8 GHz spectrum bands — is based on the company's Isolated Magnetic Dipole technology that is used in mobile phones, access points and industrial hand-helds, according to the company.

Integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi system

Wi2Wi announced the W2CBW003 SiP, an integrated Bluetooth 2.0 + enhanced data rate and 802.11b/g Wi-Fi connectivity system that offers data rates three times faster than current devices while consuming less power, the company said. It comes in a 12×12×1.4 mm package and includes clock and voltage-regulation functions. Available now in a development kit and five-pack samples, volume production is scheduled to begin in February.

High-speed data solution for bus operators

Tait Radio Communications announced the TaitNet Data System, or TNDS, a high-speed, private trunked mobile data solution designed specifically for bus fleets. The TNDS polls up to 15 updates per second on a single data channel, giving operators the ability to get vital information to customers more quickly.

According to the company, typical polling speeds for large fleets on a trunked solution can lead to schedule and location information reaching a customer several minutes behind a bus' actual time and position. The solution will be available in Q2 2007. In addition, Tait announced that the new TP7110 compact, lightweight portable radio would be available early in 2007.

Next-gen Wi-Fi phones

Wireless telephony developer SpectraLink launched the NetLink 8000 Series of next-generation Wi-Fi handsets. The two models currently available are the 8020 and the 8030. The latter supports push-to-talk and offers 24 channels, as well as a priority channel for emergency broadcasts. Both models support IEEE 802.11a/b/g standards, according to the company.

Muni Wi-Fi hardware

Wireless mesh network manufacturer Firetide signed an agreement with PRO 911 Systems, a system integrator for wireless mesh networks and video-surveillance systems. Under the agreement, PRO 911 will provide Firetide's mesh nodes, wireless access points and mobility controllers for municipal and public-safety mesh networking customers.

Wireless battery management system

I.D. Systems and electrical power storage and conversion systems marketer C&D Technologies have entered into an agreement to market a wireless technology for managing batteries that power industrial trucks. The system is based on I.D. Systems' Wireless Asset Net platform that uses RFID to control and monitor material-handling vehicles and other industrial assets. It will integrate automated battery-management tools for remote-system monitoring and analysis.

Wireless e-mail for Sony Ericsson handsets

Nokia's Intellisync Wireless Email application now is available on Sony Ericsson's M600 and P990 handsets. The solution lets users access e-mail, calendar and contacts in real time. The P990 smartphone is a Wi-Fi-enabled UMTS device, while the M600 is a 3G phone based on the Symbian operating system designed for mobile devices.

Tactical radio carrier

Tac-Comm introduced the TRC-1 tactical radio carrier. The aluminum carrier adapts to fit most mobile radios into a stand-alone base station. According to the company, multiple TRC-1s can be stacked or used side-by-side to create a mobile communications center.

Next-gen GPS tracking system

Sprint Nextel announced the iX-3, a next-generation GPS-based school-bus tracking system designed by Everyday Wireless, a Sprint Nextel partner. The system operates on the Nextel National Network and uses Motorola's io270 module to deliver packet data and walkie-talkie services. Data is transmitted to fleet managers every 10 seconds, according to the carrier.